Homemade Ant Killer

A homemade ant killer is considered the most convenient way of getting rid of ants.

A homemade ant killer is considered the most convenient way of getting rid of ants.

One effective homemade ant killer is the use of boric acid or borax which can be mixed with approximately two cups of sugar and 1 cup of water. The mixture should be placed in small saucers and set-up around the house.

The use of boric acid, however, should be done with caution especially if you have kids and pets at home. It can be harmful if swallowed.

Make your homemade ant killer following these easy methods:

Boric acid bait

Boric acid can also be mixed with jam or jelly, maple syrup or honey to make a paste like homemade ant killer. The paste substance should be placed on a either piece of paper, a plate or in a container with cover and a lot of holes.

Yeast ant killer bait

Another sugar ant killer bait is a mixture of 1 tablespoon of yeast, 2 tablespoons of molasses and 1 tablespoon of sugar. The mixture mound should be placed on a paper, plates or in lidded containers provided with holes.

Glass jars with covers can also be used but make sure to form holes on the cover. A small amount of the non-poisoned bait is suggested to be placed on the lid for stronger attraction or bait to the ants.

Reminders when making homemade ant baits

Usually, a portion of the ant killer bait placed in plates and the piece of paper is taken by the ants and brought back to their habitat or nest.

You should remember not to kill or step on this group of ants since the mound of bait will be eaten by a larger group of ants in their territory, providing the possibility of killing a greater number of ants.

It is also important not to clean away their trails towards the ant killer bait so that they can frequently go back to where the bait is.

Another reminder is to first reduce the amount of boric acid in the ant killer until a great number of ants are starting to like the bait or feast on the bait. You could add a considerable amount of the boric acid later.

You can also change your bait from a sugar based bait and to a protein based bait since the usual sugar bait may be popular only for a few days. Shifting to a protein bait will give the ants a new taste and renewed craving for it.

The homemade ant killer baits should be strategically positioned particularly in areas where regular activities of the ants are observed.

You can also put the baits near their point of entry if you have confirmed the presence of this area.

A direct destruction of the nest of the ants can also be done when you have located it.

A solution of liquid dish detergent, approximately one fourth cup, can be mixed with a gallon of boiling water. The cold mixture can be added with soap to kill ant habitat.

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